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    Hi, I'm Bodge101! My penguin is over 500 days old and my first party was the Summer Party of 2007! I started this blog on 22nd December, 2007, to help out my fellow penguins. Here you can find Club Penguin cheats, glitches, news, hints, tips and lots more! For more information, visit my About Page.

    Here is a picture of my player card at the moment:

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Trip To Wales

Sorry everyone, but I’m going on holiday again- this time to Wales on a camping/sight-seeing trip! I’m going on Sunday (not in the morning so I’ll still be able to post then) and coming back in a week! Luckily, I don’t think anything too signifigant is happening on Club Penguin during that time- no parties, new rooms etc. Although the chances are I’ll miss the igloo contest ūüė¶ . Anyway, I might be letting Kimi 07 be a temporary admin- I’m not sure- I’ll think about it! Either that or I’ll just post really late lol! Also I might put a few posts on time… As I say I’ll think about it!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


One Year Of Club Penguin… The Bodge101 Story

As I promised, I’m going to do a quick autobiography of my penguin- because it is my penguin’s first birthday today! 365 days of Club Penguin! It sure doesn’t seem that long!

Anyway, I started on Club Penguin on 15th May 2007- but back then I couldn’t go on much! My internet was rubbish and slow because we didn’t have broadband and Club Penguin took forever to load! It wasn’t until a fair¬†few months later that we got broadband- so I had to be patient with my computer’s slowness!

My first party was the Summer Party (parties didn’t happen every month back then)- where I got¬†half of my favourite costume (it was a non-member one- I wasn’t a member back then!)!¬†The items I got were the Hawaiian Lei and¬†the Green Sunglasses (now the rarest sunglasses- but for how much longer?)- these two were part of the costume- and the Ice Cream Apron. Sadly I missed the flowery head item! Lol!

My next party was the Water Party (I won’t mention all the parties- just the significant ones!). There I completed my favourite non-member costume! Here’s a picture of it below:

Ok, I’m gonna go a bit faster now- this is getting a bit long winded!

During my penguin’s life so far, I have met Rockhopper two times- one time he gave me the eyepatch (which he used to give away if you met him until he gave it away as a regular free item (I was angry about that!))- the other I almost got the background but I arrived while he was leaving! I caught his last few words but then he went!¬†¬†¬† ūüė¶¬†¬†¬†¬† ūüė¶

I became a member on 27th December 2007- the exchange rates were good (I won’t bother boring you with that now) so it only cost me ¬£15! What a bargain! I had started this site five days prior to this (on 22nd) and this was (surpisingly) around the time of the Christmas Party 2007! Man, that was a good party!

Well that’s about it! well, I missed a lot out- but even so this hasn’t been a quick autobiography has it? Lol! Look out for more info on my party very soon!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


New Newspaper? Not Today

I don’t get this: for as long as I can remember- Club Penguin have released the new issues of the Club Penguin Times at the right time. But this week, something has happened and now we are getting an issue from several weeks ago! Issue #130! I don’t know what happened but something obviously went wrong! If you go to the newspaper archive it has them as if the past few weeks had never happened! No doubt Club Penguin will fix this soon but for now we’ll have to do with no new paper- and that means no new writing contest!
Until next time…
Waddle on!

Great Party!

My 25,000 Hits and The Source’s¬†3000 Hits¬†Party was great! We danced and we ate cake and we had fun! Sadly, The Source had to leave before the party had really begun- and I was five minutes late! Sorry about that! After that I had to decorate my igloo which took another five minutes so the party properly started ten minutes late. Sorry about that and thankyou for you patience if you came! After partying for half an hour, a thunderstorm kicked in where we live and I had to go off the internet- so sorry about that too! The party would have gone on for quite a while longer if that hadn’t happened: we still had to play hockey, sled and play find-four!

In other news I won’t be able to post the contest results until tomorrow because I didn’t have time because I was busy during the day and couldn’t go on later because of the storm! So ya- it’s all the weather’s fault!¬†¬†¬† ¬†:angry:

Until next time…

Waddle on!


Snow Forts Clock Broken- Time Gone Haywire!

orderThe clock at the Snow Forts is broken! I guessed this would happen with the emphasis Herbert P. Bear put on ‘time’ in the phone call G put in the letter. The mission is obviously going to be all about fixing the clock and finding out how and why he broke it and to stop the rest of his evil scheme! The broken clock is now unsure what time or date it is- and is having a bad effect on time across the island! Here’s a picture:

Lol! It’s 67,000,000 years in the past! Also there is a notice on the thing that explains the time differences:

More on this story as it develops!
Until next time…
Waddle on!

Migrator Fixed, Memo & Rockhopper’s Journal

This post is all about recent rockhopper-y things that have happened! So lets get started!

First of all, the Migrator is now fully repaired:and the only problem is contacting Rockhopper! If you go to he beach you can set off flares to attract his attention! Here’s some pictures of the Migrator:

Here’s a picture of the Flare Flinger 3000:

Attached to the door of Rockhopper’s private quarters is a memo from G about the Flare Flinger 3000:

Finally, Rockhopper’s journal is now accessible in the Book Room, and you can read the happenings before he crashed:

That’s all for this special Rockhopper-based post!
Until next time…
Waddle on!

New site complete!

I’ve made my new secondary site- the ‘bodge101instant’ thing- I haven’t called it that, the blog URL (web address) is http://bodge101fastcptips.wordpress.com¬† . The site is called ‘The Fastest Club Penguin Tips’ and will be used for quick updates for stuff happening at that very moment. It is the first Club Penguin blog to use the new fast-posting thing that comes with Prologue- the new wordpress theme. I will add more to it when I have time at the weekend and later in the week. Check it out!


As I said before, don’t worry, this site you are on now is still my primary blog!

Until next time…

Waddle on!