September Wrap-Up

September was a great month for both Club Penguin and my site! Let’s take a look back at what made this month so great:

On Club Penguin:

  • The start of the most anticipated party of the year, the Fall Fair
  • Lots of awesome new glitches such as the money cheat and the ticket cheat
  • A new stage production- Ruby And The Ruby
  • And two cool new catalogues!

On my site:

  • 19,495 hits in just this month
  • A daily average of 650 views a day
  • Around 450 comments
  • Reaching and passing 100,000 hits
  • Two awesome contests
  • One BRILLIANT party!

We sure had a super September! Now lets have an ostentatious October!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. Yes I do know what that word means, and yes, i do choose a different alliterative adjective every month 😀 !


100,000 Hits Mega-Parties

Hi guys it’s my 100,000 Hits Mega-Parties on Saturday and Sunday! Here’s your invitation:

If you can’t read it, here’s what it says:
100,000 Hits Mega-Party

You’re invited to the mega-celebration of the year! We’re combining 10 different parties into one mega event! Here are the details:

When: Saturday 27th September, 10:30am PST and Sunday 28th September, 12:00pm PST.

Where: Matterhorn (the party server), starting at the Dock

Why: 10 different special occasions!

Who: Anyone can come!

What: Two huge, pengtastic parties!

How: Waddle on over to Matterhorn Dock and PARTY DOWN!

The activities will include: dancing, karaoke, find four, sledding, mancala and football (soccer)! Also, the parties will be recorded and put on Youtube!

PLUS: Everyone at the parties will be entered into a prize draw to win a rare penguin!

We’ll have a great time! The things we’re celebrating are:

100,000 hits here
7000 blocked spam comments on this site
My penguin turning 500 days old
Bioe’s penguin turning 900 days old
8000 hits for Kimi 07
1000 hits for Interiordes3
50,000 hits for Chinsetakout
5000 hits on Doggiking’s site
Interiordes3 turning 1 year old
Kimi 07 turning 1 year old

In other news: there’s a new poll on my sidebar! Check it out!

Until next time…
Waddle on!

75,000 Hits Party Invitation

My 75,000 Hits Party is this Sunday! We’re gonna have a great time: dancing, eating cake, sledding and much more, and- the icing on the cake (just an expression)- the whole party is going to be filmed by a mystery guest (probably Chinsetakout 😆 ). Here’s your invitation:

In case you can’t read it, here’s what it says:
Bodge101’s 75,000 Hits Party
When: Sunday 17th at 10:30am PST
Where: Matterhorn (the party server) starting at Bodge101’s igloo on the map.
Who: Anyone and everyone can come!
Why: 75,000 hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How: Waddle over to my igloo!
The party will be pirate-themed. There will be a costume contest and we will play lots of games of Sled-Racing, Find Four and Hockey, along with the usual dancing and cake eating! The whole party will be filmed and put on my site and Youtube! Don’t miss it!

Until next time…
Waddle on!

July Wrap-Up

July sure was a great month on Club Penguin and on my site! Lets have a look back at what made this month so great!

Club Penguin

  • The greatest party since the Fall Fair ’07 (the Music Jam ’08)
  • A brand new game
  • Two great new catalogues
  • The Penguin Band going public at last
  • And lots of fun and friendships across all the servers!

My site

  • 17,581 hits in this month alone!
  • A new ‘Best Week Ever’ of 5,258 hits
  • 381 approved comments this month
  • 48 posts
  • A brand new story
  • A new header
  • And the introduction of different languages at the top of my sidebar!

Wow! That was one great month! And to top it all off, SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER! Now lets have an awesome August!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


New Clothing Fashions, 75,000 Hits Party & Game Problems

A new Clothing Catalogue came ot on Friday! And we finally found out the truth about that mysterious sneak peek! The new fashions are absolutely awesome! Lets take a look:

*Pictures deleted due to faults with the sidebar*

I will post the secrets soon! And now, onto the second part of my post:
Recently, my blog has reached the milestone of 75,000 hits! I’d like to thank you all for making this possible! And in a way of thanks, I’ll be hosting a party at my igloo next Sunday! I’ll post the invitation later this week!
Finally, I have been experiencing problems with all the games on Club Penguin (except DJ3K), so that I can’t gain any coins! If you’re experiencing something similar, please comment below; if it’s big the mods can’t ignore it! Problem solved- I just have to go on “” instead!
Until next time…
Waddle on!

P.S. Sorry this post is so late- I’ve been busy both today and yesterday!

50,000 Hits!!!!!!!!

My site has reached the noble milestone of 50,000 hits at last! I will DEFINATELY be having a party- but it will be next weekend- not this weekend! Also, I think I will hold a massive contest with prizes such as admin for a day and penguin account giveaways! So keep checking back in the coming week for more info on these events. I’d like to thank you all for visiting and helping me reach my 50,000 hit milestone!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


April Wrap-Up

I’m going to start doing wrap-ups at the end of every month! A wrap-up is basically a post where you announce the stats of that month! Anyway, here is last month’s wrap-up!

April was a good month for my blog- my fifth month all together!

11,324 hits just in April.

New best day ever (Monday, April 14th) with 1,380 hits in one day!

Most popular post/page: Club Penguin Music Charts (for something like the third month running (since I made it))

556 approved comments just last month

Top searches: ‘Club Penguin Tips’, ‘clockwork repairs’ and ‘Club Penguin ninjas.’

72 posts- that’s 28 more than last month!

Well, that’s a wrap for last month’s wrap-up!
Until next time…
Waddle on!