Medieval Party

Sorry I’m late with this, but there’s going to be some sort of medieval party on Club Penguin! You may ask how I know. Well, at the back of last Friday’s clothing catalogue (which was based on medieval stuff), there was a secret letter, left behind by the party commitee. You had to pull down the top section of writing on the back cover and click on the picture of a letter. Here’s a picture of the letter:

If you can’t read it, here’s what it says:
To the Manager of the Gift Shop
We’ve delivered all the cloth and materials you’ll need for this month’s catalog. Please deliver any left overs to the decorating committee. We need to get started right away for the party on the 16th.

Sorry for hiding this message, we just wanted to make sure we didn’t ruin the surprise.

Take care
-Party Committee

P.S. Remember: don’t leave this in the catalog!

Lol it looks like they did ruin the surprise after all! It may not be too obvious that it’s a medieval party- right? Well, Billybob confirmed that in his latest post on the CP blog by showing this sneak peek:

I’m guessing there will be an article about it in tomorrow’s newspaper- so look out for that!
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25,000 Hits Party Costume Contest Results

Me and The Source have conferred (although he wasn’t there long so he didn’t see all the entries) and have both nominated the costumes we thought were the best. Here are the results:

In first place, nominated by both myself and The Source, is:
Interiordes3! Here’s a picture of her costume:

In second place are:
And Jayman5000 (no picture- but we both saw his fabulous costume- he left before I took the pictures)

Well done to all our winners! All the party pictures should be in a slideshow tomorrow. I’ve just got to convert them all into jpegs!
Until next time…
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Kimi’s Kolumn #2

Greetings penguins of the world! I have returned! Muh ha ha ha hah! And I bring great tidings of joy! Lot’s of fun, exciting stuff! Such as some glitches and tips! Enjoy!

Rockhopper finding tip:

If you walk your red puffle, take it to the town centre and dance (this does have a point, I’m not just messing!), if it turns slightly left or right, it means he’s on the server you are on and that is the way to go, if it just bounces normally, he isn’t on that server, or not online at all (if he’s in a secret room this doesn’t work).

Into Korner news, this month’s party will take place next week, on Monday for a whole week. It will be the puffle party, which won the vote! The Korner will be open normal time (10:30pm PST (Penguin Standard Time)) at the usual place (Kimi 07’s igloo, server Belly Slide). Please bring along your puffles, and wear puffle clothing if you have any.

That’s all for now!

Hasta la vista, baby!

😆    😆   😆     😆      😆     😆     😆    😆  

~Kimi 07

Mission Guide: Avalanche Rescue

Need help with the fourth mission? Well look no further! Just follow my step by step guide and you’ll complete it perfectly in no time! Anyway, enough talk, lets get on with the mission guide:
First, click on G. Then, ask him about the fur and then about the avalanche. When he’s done speaking, ask him about the life preserver shooter. He will open the gadget room. Round off the conversation and enter the room. Next look around the room until you find this:


Then pick up the life preserver shooter (top left), add it to your inventory, and go to the lighthouse. Look round until you find the rope in the boat:


Then add it to your inventory and proceed to the ski village. When you get there, talk to the crying penguin and say you’ll help him, pick up the tuft of white fur beneath the ski lift mechanism, then enter the Sport Shop. Once inside, look around for the green penguin manakin and click on the belt. this will happen:


Put the belt into your inventory, then go back outside. Once back in the ski village, click on the end of the ski lift to zoom in. Then, take the belt out of your inventory and click on the mechanism with it. Once it is firmly in place, zoom out again and talk to the penguin. Then enter the Ski Lodge. Look around until you find this:


Click on the rod to pick it up then put it in your inventory. Combine the rod with the rope and life preserver shooter, then make your way to the mountain. Go down Ridge Run and work out by trial and error your route down the mountain. When you reach the end of the route, click on the end with the gadget you made.

Once the gadget is in place, move the cursor with the gadget to where the sticks are and click. This gets rid of the sticks. Then, click on the penguin underneath the sticks and drag him across to above the penguuin below the one on the branch and click. Then, when back up, click on the penguin on the branch and put all three behind the rock. This puts the final penguin within reach. Pick up the other three and click above the fourth. Well done! All penguins rescued!

When you return to the mountain, click on G and give him the white fur. Round off the conversation and you’ve completed the mission! Well done!

For guides on the other secret agent missions, look in my blog’s secret agent missions category.

Until next time…

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