Club Penguin Times #174

Hey guyz! The newspaper is out and here are the wicked events that will happen real soon on Club Penguin!!

Puffles Party are coming, starting on Feb 20th! Also, puffles will start to play with their toys and furniture beginning tomorrow, so don’t forget to have some puffles furniture in your igloo!


Also, the return of Team blue!! Tomorrow which is Feb 13th will be the time the play will come back! So dress up and what not, to show support for your team!!


Now here are the upcoming events happening soon on Club Penguin in a list:


And that is it for not guys! I can’t wait for the party and tomorrow to check out the puffles in my igloo!! What about you guys?

~Aznmonkey10 A.K.A. Blowsight10~


Secret Letter In Newspaper

Hi guys! A new newspaper came out today, there is a secret note to PSA agents, hidden inside the wordsearch:

Click on the letters “P”, “S” and “A” in the bottom left-hand corner of the wordsearch to see for yourself:

Also there are three puzzles in this issue: a puzzle shuffle, a puffle-so-cute-o and a wordsearch! As well as a paint by letters! This is probably something to do with the Fall Fair.

In other news: the “Grab & Spin” game at the Dock is still offline. I doubt it will be fixed for the rest of the party 😦 .

Until next time…
Waddle on!

New Newspaper

Hi guys! A new newspaper came out today, packed full of facts and plenty of secret info, including exclusive information about the new play and the upcoming parties! Here are the top stories:

“New Play Is A Mystery”, where they reveal top secret information about tomorrow’s play! If you click on the box, the paint can, the puffle and the manhole, you can find the playbill! Which reveals exactly what the play is about (just like the title)!

And “Undersea Activities”, which tells us about the changes to Aqua Grabber:

There is an advert for the painters’ outfits in the Gift Shop:

And a sneak peek into the upcoming parties. Drag the leaves aside to see the pictures and hover over them to read the messages:

This week’s In Focus is about DJ-ing in the Night Club, and the Aunt Arctic questions are “What’s the stor-rory?” who asks who Rory the Construction Penguin is (like it doesn’t say in the name 😀 ) and “Color Conundrum”, who asks what the most popular penguin colour is. Aunt Arctic doesn’t really answer either very well! This week’s Tips & Secrets is about how to start a band, and this week’s Reviewed By You reviews igloos. As usual there are jokes, riddles, a puzzle (this week a wordsearch), a comic and a poem (this week very good).
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Club Penguin Times More Read Than Some U.S. Papers

Hi guys! As you may have guessed from the title, according to the L.A. Times Website, the Club Penguin Times is more read than some U.S. papers, like the Chicargo Tribune, the Dallas Morning News and the New York Daily News! Wow! And I’m sure there’s a lot of more unpopular newspapers it’s more read than too 😀 ! In the report there was a picture of the founder of the Club Penguin Times (no, not Aunt Arctic 😀 ):

Club Penguin

I wonder if that’s Billybob 😀 ? To read this interesting article, click here.
Until next time…
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P.S. Story thanks to Kimi 07

New Newspaper

Hi guys! A new newspaper came out today! It is issue #151. Here are the top stories:

“Stage Set For Special Scenery”, which talks about the upcoming play. They’re not saying much, but rumour has it, that the play is about ninjas! There’s certainly some black paint in the picture!

And “Pretty In Prep”, which is about the autumn fashions coming out tomorrow:

This week’s In Focus focuses on Aqua Grabber, telling us about it’s history and what it does now:

This week’s Aunt Arctic questions are “Game Fame”, where someone asks her what her favourite game is and “Tippity Toppity”, who asks about tipping the iceberg:

This week’s “Tips & Secrets” is about caring for puffles:

And this week’s “Reviewed By You” is about the Penguin Games:

Along with all that, there are the usual weekly things: jokes, riddles, poems, a comic, and a puzzle- this week a shuffle-y one! Here are the Upcoming Events:

That’s all for this week’s paper! Look out for the new catalogues tomorrow!

Until next time…

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New Furniture Catalogue, Secret Items & New Pin

Hi everyone! A new pin came out today, it’s hidden in the Boiler Room and is a Golden newspaper:

A new furniture catalogue also came out today! I don’t think there is any new stuff, but there is the return of many very old items, stuff that we haven’t seen in CP for over two years!

This month there are only two secret items:

Click on the Lava Lamp to find the Blender:

Click on the piano keys for the Guitar Stand:

Until next time…
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New Newspaper

A new issue of the Club penguin Times came out today- issue #150! Here are the headlines:

“Rookie” and Rory review the Penguin Games in “The Penguin Games: Closing Ceremonies”

And the Penguin Times Celebrates it’s 150th issue in “Happy 150 Club Penguin Times.”

We take another waddle down memory lane in In Focus:

The Aunt Arctic questions are “Puffle Walker”, who asks why we can’t walk more than one puffle at once and “Fashion Frenzy”, who asks what’s in fashion.

This week’s “Tips And Secrets” is about Penguin Artists:

And this week’s “Reviewed By You” reviews the Penguin Times:

There is also a wordsearch and usual jokes, riddles, comics and poems, and, finally, the events:

What a great issue! I think they could have tried a bit harder with the 150 issue celebration though!

Until next time…

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