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    Hi, I'm Bodge101! My penguin is over 500 days old and my first party was the Summer Party of 2007! I started this blog on 22nd December, 2007, to help out my fellow penguins. Here you can find Club Penguin cheats, glitches, news, hints, tips and lots more! For more information, visit my About Page.

    Here is a picture of my player card at the moment:

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A New Free Item

A new medieval free item came out today! It’s not a new item- it’s been given away at a Hallowe’en party a year or so ago- have you guessed what it is yet? The Wizard’s Hat! I always loved that hat but up until now I’ve never had it! It’s hidden in the Wizards Tower (the Lighthouse) on the table! When you move your mouse over it it dances around! Here’a pic:

I’ll post about the other new stuff soon- unlike most Fridays this Friday isn’t busy (for me)!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



Furniture Catalogue Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s furniture catalogue- it doesn’t look like there’s much new stuff- but looks can be decieving! It’s mainly the old medieval stuff! Anyway, here’s that sneak peek:

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Better start saving up those coins!
Until next time…
Waddle on!

New Club Penguin Times

A new issue of the Club Penguin Times came out today! It is issue #136. Here are the top stories:

Party extended eh? Another free item, perhaps?

The other highlights are: this week’s ‘In Focus’ about the Coffee Shop/Book Room; more Aunt Arctic questions; tips, reviews, riddles, jokes and a special puffle su-doku! Check it out! I’m loving the random mini-games they put into the paper! To read the whole paper without logging into Club Penguin, click here.
Until next time…
Waddle on!

Vid Of The Week

Welcome to my new weekly feature- vid of the week- where I’ll post a different awesome Club Penguin vid every week! It might not always be the famous ones you expect… so you may be surprised!
Bu this time… you won’t be! It’s the Club Penguin Bad Day video by Tehkraziboi- the most famous Club Penguin vid of all!

Well, tune in next week for another ‘Vid Of The Week!’
Until next time…
Waddle on!

New Weekly Feature

I don’t like Wednesdays (in CP terms)- it’s a day between the excitement of the weekend and the new paper on Thursdays. That’s why I’ve decided to do a regular feature every Wednesday- so people have something to do (in CP terms- lol! I keep having to say that!)¬†between weekends and Thursdays! So, ya! I’ll make the first one soon, just thought I’d notify ya’ll!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Party At ZSL London Zoo- Pictures & Videos

I’ve no Idea why I didn’t post this before- I guess I kinda forgot! Well, on May 3rd (long time ago now- 17 days!) there was the massive party at ZSL London Zoo! I couldn’t go: I don’t live in the London area and anyway, you had to get tickets (although they didn’t tell anyone that!). At the party, as you’ll probably know, there were loads of fun activities such as feeding real penguins! I managed to gather together some exclusive footage and images from the internet… Enjoy!

Ok, here’s the best of the vids I found on Youtube- vid by Team Club Penguin cheats. They were all basically the same, so I chose the one wit hteh best transitions and effects!

<object width=”425″ height=”355″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/VxrnBYjtwWU&hl=en”></param><param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/VxrnBYjtwWU&hl=en” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”355″></embed></object>

I these pictures were originally taken by Fishy Boy 15, but have been passed around a lot since then!

The Entrance
At the entrance the Night Club Party Bass was playing! The walls were covered in stickers and there was a huge, awesome Club Penguin map on the wall which was different to the usual one…

This is the actual party room. There were all the rooms on the walls and things to do or have at every place. Here are just some of them:

The Town

The Stage (Mmmm! Popcorn!)

The Pizza Parlour- You could make your own Candy Pizzas!

The Snow Forts- At the back you could throw snowballs at targets!

Ski Village/Mountain- Igloo building! This party looks cool!

Another attraction was… Of course… The film crews! Kids had to sign papers to get on TV.

Finally, you were taught the Club Penguin dance by the staff at the Night Club!

Also, people who went got free puffle toys/keyrings (You know? From the shop!)! All in all, it must have been a great party!
Until next time…
Waddle on!

Trip To Wales

Sorry everyone, but I’m going on holiday again- this time to Wales on a camping/sight-seeing trip! I’m going on Sunday (not in the morning so I’ll still be able to post then) and coming back in a week! Luckily, I don’t think anything too signifigant is happening on Club Penguin during that time- no parties, new rooms etc. Although the chances are I’ll miss the igloo contest ūüė¶ . Anyway, I might be letting Kimi 07 be a temporary admin- I’m not sure- I’ll think about it! Either that or I’ll just post really late lol! Also I might put a few posts on time… As I say I’ll think about it!
Until next time…
Waddle on!