Mission Guide: Avalanche Rescue

Need help with the fourth mission? Well look no further! Just follow my step by step guide and you’ll complete it perfectly in no time! Anyway, enough talk, lets get on with the mission guide:
First, click on G. Then, ask him about the fur and then about the avalanche. When he’s done speaking, ask him about the life preserver shooter. He will open the gadget room. Round off the conversation and enter the room. Next look around the room until you find this:


Then pick up the life preserver shooter (top left), add it to your inventory, and go to the lighthouse. Look round until you find the rope in the boat:


Then add it to your inventory and proceed to the ski village. When you get there, talk to the crying penguin and say you’ll help him, pick up the tuft of white fur beneath the ski lift mechanism, then enter the Sport Shop. Once inside, look around for the green penguin manakin and click on the belt. this will happen:


Put the belt into your inventory, then go back outside. Once back in the ski village, click on the end of the ski lift to zoom in. Then, take the belt out of your inventory and click on the mechanism with it. Once it is firmly in place, zoom out again and talk to the penguin. Then enter the Ski Lodge. Look around until you find this:


Click on the rod to pick it up then put it in your inventory. Combine the rod with the rope and life preserver shooter, then make your way to the mountain. Go down Ridge Run and work out by trial and error your route down the mountain. When you reach the end of the route, click on the end with the gadget you made.

Once the gadget is in place, move the cursor with the gadget to where the sticks are and click. This gets rid of the sticks. Then, click on the penguin underneath the sticks and drag him across to above the penguuin below the one on the branch and click. Then, when back up, click on the penguin on the branch and put all three behind the rock. This puts the final penguin within reach. Pick up the other three and click above the fourth. Well done! All penguins rescued!

When you return to the mountain, click on G and give him the white fur. Round off the conversation and you’ve completed the mission! Well done!

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Guide To Secret Agent Missions: G’s Secret Mission

Are you having trouble with the second mission? Do you need help? Well have no fear, Bodge101 is here! Read on if you want a complete guide to mission 2. I have sorted it into several paragraphs to make it easier to find what you need if you don’t need all of it.

When you start the mission, click on G and answer I’m here to recieve my mission. When he asks you to prove yourself by answering his riddle, double click on him and type in the word ‘mogul’, then answer yes when he says are you ready to recieve your mission.

When he walks over to the sled and says he wants you to test it, click on it and put it into your inventory, then go to Ski Mountain. When you get there, take the sled out of your inventory and, while holding it, click on the test run sledding track, then say you would like to test it

When you get on the track you can steer the sled out of the way of the obstacles, but eventually you crash anyway. When you wake up, gather the string and the survival guide from the ground, then take the first turning to the ‘o’ berry bush.

Pick three ‘o’ berries then shake the tree with the handle sticking out of it until the pot falls out. Then go through the opening past the ‘o’ berry bush to the tree stump where the puffles are.

Click and scare away all the puffles, except the black one. Feed the black puffle an ‘o’ berry then use the arrow to left until the next opening, which should lead you to the clearing with the big log.

Collect the ski, then go back to the tree stump and go right until you reach the opening where the cave is.

When you get there click on the branches and go inside the cave. Move along the cave and click on a rock. All the other rocks will assemble themselves into a circle for fire. Then exit the cave and go left to the river.

When you get there, pick up the log on the right, then put the ski, rope and ‘o’ berry together to make a fishing rod. Then go left until you reach the bank of the river. Here, you take the fishing rod out of your inventory and click on the river with it. Wait for a bite, then you can collect your fish and the fishing rod and put them into your inventory.

Next, you need to collect your water. Take out your pan and click on the river with it. When it is full, put it back in your inventory and head back to the cave.

When you get inside the cave, take out the log and put it on the fire by clicking on the stone circle with it. Then rip up the survival guide and put it on the fire by doing likewise. Then, feed the black puffle (who has been following you) an ‘o’ berry and watch as he lights the fire (make sure he is standing next to it).

Once the fire is lit, take out the fish and put it on the fire by clicking on it with it. To eat the fish, click on it. Then, put the water on the fire in the same way as with the fish. Then click on the water and drink it. You will then fall asleep.

When you wake up, go outside the cave and a penguin will fly down using his jet pack. Answer his questions, then you will be taken back to the sport shop to G.

When you get there, answer G’s question, then say goodbye and colect your medal and letter from G (warning: the letter from G self destructs).

So there you have it! That’s how to do the second mission! I hope you found this information very useful, if a little long-winded!
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