Mission Guide: Secret of the Fur

Need help with the fifth mission? Well look no further! This post will give you a step by step guide on how to perfectly complete the Secret of the Fur. Let’s begin!

First, click on G, then respond to what he says. Eventually he will ask shall we get started, say yes, then click on the furensic analyzer 3000:


Next, take out the comb from your spy phone and click on the pink fur. It will analyze it and tell you it is Pink Puffle fur. Then go back to the main room and collect the white fur from G, then go back to the analyzer and click on where you put the fur to be analyzed. Eventually it will tell you it has three trace elements: Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce and Jet Pack fuel. When you zoom back out again, G will tell you to find samples of these. Before leaving the HQ, collect the AC 1000 from this shelf:


Next, go to the Lighthouse and talk to the scared penguins standing on the stairs, then go up the stairs to the Beacon. Next, find the Jet Pack Adventure landing platform and you will see a balloon floating in mid air with Jet Pack fuel hanging from it:


Then take the AC 1000 out of your inventory and hold it behind the balloon, bringing it onto the Beacon, then take out the scissors and click on the string suspending the fuel from the balloon, and the fuel will fall. Once it has, pick it up and put it into your inventory, then progress to the Pizza Parlour.

 Once inside, turn the camera until you see the penguin mopping up the mess, then talk to him and ask him what happened, then ask if you can take a sample of the evidence, and pick up a bottle of Hot Sauce and a bottle of Chocolate Sauce. Next, click on him again and ask if you can help him with anything. He will say that the pizza on the desk is for a penguin in the Ski Lode, and ask you to deliver it for him. Say yes, then put the pizza into your inventory. Then proceed to the Ski Lodge.

 Once you arrive, go through the ‘Gone Fishing’ door and click on this penguin with the pizza:


He will thank you for it, then you need to go to the Coffee Shop.

 Once there, click on the cleaning penguin and ask what happened, then continue the conversation until he says he drew a picture. Click on the picture to see it. This is the picture he drew of what made the mess:


 Click off the picture, then ask the penguin if you can have a Hot Chocolate. He will say the machine is broken and will ask you to fix it. Zoom in on it by clicking on it and take out the spanner. Take the mug off thetop and put it under the Hot Chocolate tap, click on the milk valve with the spanner, turn the switch from cold to hot and take the Chocolate Sauce out of your inventory and click on the ‘Insert Chocolate’ bowl.


Finally, press the ‘Press for Hot Chocolate Button’ and put the mug into your inventory. Then return to the Gadget Room.

 Once you get back, click on G and tell him you found the elements and heard stories about a furry mutant crab, then click on the calibration machine with each of the three substances. Finally, click on the goggles, put them into your inventory (click to activate them) and go back to the Pizza  Parlour. If you go via the Plaza wearing the goggles, you will see pawprints.

Once inside, look around until you find the tables.


When you find them, click on the candles and put them into your inventory, then go back to the Lighthouse.

Once there, click on the nets just to the right of the door and put one into your inventory.


Then go to the small rowing boat near the stairs and pick up the rope, then go back to the Ski Lodge.

Once there, talk to the penguin hiding underneath the sofa and go through the ‘Gone fishing’ door.

Read what the monster has to say, then combine the net and rope and put it under the tree, then put the candle onto the net. Once you have caught the crab, click on the net with it in and put it into your inventory, along with the tuft of fur the bear leaves behind. Then go back to G in the Gadgets Room.

Once you get there, talk to G and give him the crab. Then say you have evidence and zoom in on the Furensic Analyzer and insert the fur sample. It will say it is a Polar Bear. Zoom out and listen to G. Then you will get your medal and your gift, which is a pizza box with a note inside from the Pizza Parlour. Well done! You’ve completed the fifth mission! For more mission guides, see my ‘Secret Agent Missions’ category.

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Mission Guide: Avalanche Rescue

Need help with the fourth mission? Well look no further! Just follow my step by step guide and you’ll complete it perfectly in no time! Anyway, enough talk, lets get on with the mission guide:
First, click on G. Then, ask him about the fur and then about the avalanche. When he’s done speaking, ask him about the life preserver shooter. He will open the gadget room. Round off the conversation and enter the room. Next look around the room until you find this:


Then pick up the life preserver shooter (top left), add it to your inventory, and go to the lighthouse. Look round until you find the rope in the boat:


Then add it to your inventory and proceed to the ski village. When you get there, talk to the crying penguin and say you’ll help him, pick up the tuft of white fur beneath the ski lift mechanism, then enter the Sport Shop. Once inside, look around for the green penguin manakin and click on the belt. this will happen:


Put the belt into your inventory, then go back outside. Once back in the ski village, click on the end of the ski lift to zoom in. Then, take the belt out of your inventory and click on the mechanism with it. Once it is firmly in place, zoom out again and talk to the penguin. Then enter the Ski Lodge. Look around until you find this:


Click on the rod to pick it up then put it in your inventory. Combine the rod with the rope and life preserver shooter, then make your way to the mountain. Go down Ridge Run and work out by trial and error your route down the mountain. When you reach the end of the route, click on the end with the gadget you made.

Once the gadget is in place, move the cursor with the gadget to where the sticks are and click. This gets rid of the sticks. Then, click on the penguin underneath the sticks and drag him across to above the penguuin below the one on the branch and click. Then, when back up, click on the penguin on the branch and put all three behind the rock. This puts the final penguin within reach. Pick up the other three and click above the fourth. Well done! All penguins rescued!

When you return to the mountain, click on G and give him the white fur. Round off the conversation and you’ve completed the mission! Well done!

For guides on the other secret agent missions, look in my blog’s secret agent missions category.

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