Club Penguin Puffles, Stage and Pin Cheats

Hey Penguins!

There are quite a few updates today, here are the cheats and secrets!

The new Box O’ Puffle O’s pin is deep underground in the mine.

All over the island there are boxes and decorations in preparation for the upcoming puffle party on club penguin. Also the pool in the cave under the plaza is completely empty.

There is a new puffle furniture catalog and it has 1 cheat,

click the brown pattern beside the green house for the secret grey house.

Also Team Blue vs. Team Red is back at the stage!

Here are the cheats for the new club penguin stage:

  1. Instead of throwing snowballs you throw dodge balls!
  2. You can adjust the lights on the stage by dragging them left or right.
  3. You can change the scoreboard by clicking it.

Here is a useless cheat in the new costume catalog to get the red viking viking helmet.

The club penguin puffle party is just 7 days away!

~ Ojoc


Club Penguin French Servers Secret

Hey Penguins, Ojoc posting

Club Penguin have not publicly announced it but the secret has got out, there will be french servers in club penguin very soon.

The only way to access the servers is to use a special club penguin trainer.

Here are some pictures I took while I was waddling around:

The town is french club penguin is called Centro (Centre)

The strange thing about the french servers are that most of the time they are completely empty!

I noticed a club penguin glitch with the puffle player card stats, the writing for energy, health and rest seem to be in Chinese writing!!

Also here are some interesting translations

  • The Plaza is called “La Grande Place” (the big place)
  • The Lounge is called “Area VIP” (VIP area)

Some of the swf files that make up the game haven’t been created!

Here is a list of the French features that need to be made:

1. A few room swfs

2. All the single player games

3. Some messages eg. your account info

Keep visiting this site and my site for more hints, tips, cheats and secrets!

~ Ojoc

Rockhopper, New Free Penguins & Unlimited Accounts Cheat

Rockhopper is in the telescope. He has decorated his ship for the festive season:


I have updated the 40 Free Penguins page with brand new member penguins! It’s definately worth a look!

Finally, a cheat has been discovered where you can have over 5 penguins registered to your email! Note: this only works for Gmail users.

To do this awesome Club Penguin cheat, go to and click “create a new penguin”.

Now set up your penguin and choose a name:


Now choose your penguin password. The purpose of this cheat is to have more than 5 penguins on a specific email you have.

Example, , don’t use your normal email, add a plus after the name, like so:

If this cheat doesn’t work then add three digits after the “+”.


Go to your inbox and you will receive an email from club penguin, with this cheat you will be able to create as many accounts as you want with one email.

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. Cheat thanks to Mohd222.

Club Penguin December 2008 Clothing catalog Cheats & New Pin

Update: Sorry I couldn’t be at the 250,000 Hits Party. I was at a Christmas party and it lasted much longer than I expected! I’m so sorry. It sounds like it would’ve been a great party. I’ll make sure I throw an even better one for 300,000 hits and the site anniversary (December 22nd). It should be in about two weeks. Once again, I’m very sorry.

Here are the cheats for this month’s Penguin Style catalog:

Click on the christmas lights for the Yellow Scarf:


Click on the top of the tree for the russian hat:


Click on the penguin’s eyes and beak for the Red Viking Helmet:


Open and close three times for the Blue Vikig Helmet.

Click on the Lighthouse for the Red Hoodie:


Click on the pink flipper for the Black Superhero Mask:


Finally, the new pin is the Snow Fort pin, and is hidden in the Pet Shop:


Don’t forget about my 250,000 Hits Party tomorrow! Click here for more detail.

Until next time…

Waddle on!


Penguin Name Cheat

Here is a cheat to make a penguin with a one character name or no name at all! Follow the steps below to make a cool penguin name.

Create a new penguin account.
Use 4 or more of the following symbols in your name: áÿðäåžéýã
Activate your penguin.
Login to Club Penguin at
Before you login, check the “Remember me on this computer” box.
Click login, and go to the server you please.
Your penguin will be named Penguin Id, until Club Penguin approves the name.
Once approved, your penguin may have no name, or a number as a name.

Check it out! Cheat from Chewy.

In other news: check out my newly updated Club Penguin Cheats & Glitches page! This is part of a series of updates I am doing in the next few weeks.

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. Click here for my Rockhopper finding guide.

Rockhopper Tracker, Finding Guide & Sidebar Redesign

We all want to find Rockhopper, right? Everybody wants that famous background, don’t they? Well, I can’t guarentee you’ll find him, but, to help you find him, I have here one of the most accurate Rockhopper trackers ever made:

<a href=””><img src=””></a>
This is version 2.0, and is much faster and more advanced than version 1. But just in case you want the original, here it is:

I hope this helps you find Rockhopper. These widgets were made by Tooly228. If for some reason the tracker is inaccurate, click here for a guide to help you find him yourself! Good luck and happy hunting!

In other news: today my site underwent a series of changes to the sidebar, including updated and new widgets, updated blogroll requirements, a new poll and much more! Check it out, and there are more updates to come, so stay tuned!

Until next time…
Waddle on!

Club Penguin October Clothing Catalog Cheats/Secrets And Rockhopper!

Rockhopper arrived today, along with a new furniture catalog. Here are the cheats:

Club Penguin Oct-Nov Furniture Catalog Cheats/Secrets:

1. Click on the books to find the chalkboard:

2. Click twice on the Pizza Oven to find the Stainless Steel Fridge:

3. Click on the Guitar Stand to find the Music Stand:

Now onto the Rockhopper cheats!

Club Penguin Rockhopper Visit October 2008

The new rare item catalog is great. Everything is new except for the eyepatch:

Rockhopper will be staying for the 3 Year Party, so you have plenty of time to find and meet him! Click here for hints and tips on finding Rockhopper.

Until next time…

Waddle on!